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Buick Encore: The Little Crossover That Could!

2014 Buick Encore Review

…The Little Buick Encore Says To All The Nay-Sayers “Take-That Take-That”!!!


All of the “so-called” car experts said initially that the Buick Encore was monotonous at best during its debut at the 2012 Detroit Autoshow couple years ago; I know because I was there arguing Buick’s valid points. I’m Ecstatic to say that those experts were Wrong then and continue to be Wrong Now (save those who jumped on the Encore bandwagon). A vivid memory in my mind perfectly conveys the fate a lot of so-called automotive experts thought would befall the Buick Encore after its world debut at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. I can vividly recall the just-unveiled Encore on stage, basking in the glow of spotlights. So-called journalists from both Road & Track and Car & Driver are sitting on a couch over to the side, both facing the Encore but blatantly ignoring the appealing little vehicle as they inspect their special “swag bags” and a solitary custodian pushes a vacuum back and forth across a sea of gray carpet. Those very same journalists are always being invited to GM events just to make lite of GM’s solid vehicles; Pitiful...

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