The world of luxury fitness

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The sun is shining, and good looking, scantily clad bodies are on full display to provide that extra bit motivation to exercise. Even so, the hard work and discipline needed to maintain a good physique can be hard to come by. Hold on to your wallet, because a new trend in how you workout is aiming to take the burn out of those squats. Welcome to the world of luxury fitness.

If you’ve ever wished you could have a personal assistant help you implement every facet of your exercise regimen, then here’s some great news – that day has arrived. Fitness concierge services set the health-conscious elite apart from traditional gym rats, and these services are popping up in major cities across the United States. More than a personal trainer, a fitness concierge will handle everything from scheduling your workouts at the trendiest studios in the city to making sure your freshly laundered clothes are waiting for you in the locker room. Fitness concierges with also participate in your workout classes, and afterwards, they’ll even setup your very own juice bar.


While you don’t need to pay the $26,000 annual membership that some ultra-exclusive fitness clubs charge, a fitness concierge will set you back around $300 a month. This money does buy you an unmatched degree of convenience, and for some, the hefty price tag serves as the needed incentive to workout more consistently. Nonetheless, don’t think it will go unnoticed that you’re claiming a heightened level of prestige as well.  

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