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For many people, sunny season represents that special time of the year when you dust off the golf clubs or find an excuse to frequent your outdoor mall. For others though, the sunshine signals an opportunity to try out some special warm weather gadgets, and this season there are a bunch of great options to choose from.


Summer hasn’t really begun until you light up the barbecue, and an iGrill2 will be your ideal warm weather companion. This Bluetooth thermometer syncs to your phone and notifies you when your prime cut of meat is cooked to perfection. Gone are the days when you’re tethered to the fiery grill, poking and prodding with uncertainty while you’d rather be in the cool A/C. Now you just jab your proteins with one of four temperature probes, turn on the thermometer and open the associated app. Now you’re free to roam away from the range.

It’s hard not to associate warm weather with a cool cocktail, but sometimes your enjoyment of a good libation surpasses your skill to actually make one. 

Meet Bartesian, a fully automated drink-making machine. This gadget holds your favorite spirits – vodka, gin, rum and tequila – and accepts premade mix capsules. All you have to do is place your glass beneath the dispenser, pop in a capsule (Cosmopolitan, anyone?) and you’ll be feeling the buzz in no time.

One gadget deserves special mention though, because it’s not all just good food and good drink under the gleaming sun. Water activities often find their way into a summer day, and an important new device strives to keep kids safe in the process.

b2ap3_thumbnail_iswimband.jpg The iSwimband deploys the latest sensor technology and connects that technology to your phone. A child wears the sensor on his head, and the mobile device receives an auditory alarm if the sensor becomes submerged for a predetermined amount of time. While this tool doesn’t replace an attentive pair of eyes, it adds a valuable layer of protection to summer activities.  

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