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1.  Presentation is key. This is a very important.. A man is assessing your total physical package before you even approach him. By the time you open your mouth, he's already got a good idea about whether he's going to give you a chance. With that said, you can't be a slob. The only time it's alright to talk to a man in a t-shirt and sweats is at the gym. Keep that stuff in the closet any other time.

2.  Good hygiene isn't an option, it's a necessity! This goes hand in hand with your presentation but this is so important we need to talk about it separately. Clean skin, nails, and nicely groomed hair ( facial hair as well if any) is a "MUST", and should be well maintained... a man doesn't want to talk to another man. A light scent of some good perfume is a plus as well. If you're in to wearing jewelry, don't wear that huge costume garbage. It takes too much attention away from you, get rid of it.

3.  Self confidence is a must. No one wants some wounded calf to look after. You need to be that ALPHA WOMEN; confidence is sexy, being self loathing is the greatest form of self blocking ever. Get that toxic mess out of your system or there's no point to trying to meet a man... Don't mistake arrogance with confidence. Self confidence isn't bragging about what you're good at and it's definitely not belittling what others are into either. Check that high and mighty garbage at the door.

4.   Pay attention to her (THE PUN-ANY). If you shave keep it shaved or if you trim keep it trimmed. Keep up with your GYN appointments. Big women you know we are carrying "EXTRA MEAT" down there so keep it fresh at all times...and that still goes for everyone else as well... Get to know her on a sexual level as's alright to touch and explore how she feels...self satisfaction is the best....never lack giving attention!!!! You want to develop a level of comfort with her....

5.  Last but not least... you want to eat healthy and stay fit. I know we hear that all the time but I promise you it is apart of keeping your sexy. Never let yourself go because you got comfortable with yourself...after having kids you know your body is different and react to different eating habits we're used to having... The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that an estimated 300,000 deaths per year are attributable to obesity and living an unhealthy lifestyle...eating healthy and regular exercise are two of the best ways to change this statistic....before changing your current eating plan and exercising, it is important to discuss your goals with your family doctor first.....stay away from "Church's"..."Popeye's"... and the "Papi Store" for them cheese steaks and fried chicken wings platters LADIES...LOL

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